Installation / Video / Performance
Year: 2015

“I am this space my body believes in.” – Yusef Komunyakaa


Know Yourself Before You Let Go- 2015 Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Know Yourself Before You Let Go is a project that deals with individuals internal borders and re-definitions of personal constructs. It is based on two fragments, each representing different stages of the process. In the video performance artist is experiencing limits between illusions of the mind and the abilities of the body. The artist holds a half full glass in her outstretched hand until it becomes agonizingly painful; when the unbearable moment reaches its peak, artist tries to put the glass back on the nearby table without dropping it. In first couple of times the performer overrates its body ability of endurance regarding such task, which lead to insufficient completion of the task. Through a repetition of an exercise, performer gains more understanding and connection between her body and the goals that she projected in her mind, becoming more balanced in exercising the task. Artist’s primary goal by now is to equilibrate her motoric function and idea of limits that she can endure. The process repeats until artist completes the task. This piece questions the idea of personal capability to assess our own limits; how we deal with our own impression of what we can do and what is a mere overrated competence. Project recreates personal rites of passages that follow the transformation of one’s perception of self. It also deals with the concept of liminal space, the space where thresholds become visible. Liminal space is a state of transformation, from separation to incorporation, the ‘in-between’ concept is a state where anything can happen and outcomes are unpredictable.


Know Yourself Before You Let Go- 2015 Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


The project Know Yourself Before You Let Go is problematizing the idea of internal and external definitions of limits, our perception towards body and its interaction with the construct that we create. Through visual vocabulary, artist explores dynamic between intellectual constructs and material embodiment; how mental models impact the way we perform and implement our actions, and how we determine and define relations between body and space.


Know Yourself Before You Let Go- 2015 Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia