Video Installation
Duration: 10:21 min
Year of production 2012


The modern world democracy operates with exquisite deception. It gives the false perception of equality among genders and social and economic classes, promising the balance and prosperity for those who choose to compete. But here is the catch, how can balance and prosperity exist in the battlefield? When within oikos (household) the roles are still predetermined, grooming each generation to adopt the conditioning. When women are still represented in submissive roles and as objects of pleasure in ‘the great world of honorable men’, while making those same men small and invisible in the eyes of the system and the ruling classes. Humanity is delivered   to perpetual segregation and discrimination which is executing all of us by class, race, ethnicity, gender, ability etc…

The video performance ”Fuckmachine: Label, Disable, Unable” is an action which focal points are body politics, gender, bio politics, social norms and labelling. Fuckmachine performance symbolizes state of helplessness and objectification regarding norms, labels and system’s power structures. It also reflects numbness and passivity that individual is going through by being the ‘Fuckmachine’.


Fuckmachine: Label, Disable, Unable (2012) Video Installation



Fuckmachine: Label, Disable, Unable-CEE Essl Art Award – Nominees Exhibition (2013), MSUM – Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia